Improved Business Results: The Sucess Formula   

We help our clients to improve business results by properly aligning strategies, programs, processes and products with dynamic global markets and by focusing on effective execution, primarily in the strategic marketing, product management and go-to-market areas.

 Success Formula: Our approach could be expressed, in mathematical terms, as a "success formula" for desired outcome:  
 Proper Alignment + Effective Execution = Improved Business Results


 Proper Alignment: Any successful technology company needs to be properly aligned with global markets.  We have developed a unique UpStream Alignment <> DownStream Execution (TM) methodology for effectively evaluating, prioritizing and optimizing your strategies, programs, processes and products. We utilize this methodology for quick "troubleshooting" to find any problem areas.

Technology companies align themselves with their markets by gaining in-depth understanding of emerging market trends, customers, competitors, core technologies and business models. This understanding then needs to be translated into ongoing alignments and adjustments to periodically re-define and update existing strategies, programs, processes, products, positioning messages and orgnizational structures.

Our contribution to the alignment part of the success formula is based on: (a) quickly identifying mis-aligned or underperforming "system" elements, plus (b) carefully recommending corrective actions and optimal solutions.

 Effective Execution: Typically, we follow up on those recommendations by working with our clients on implementing our recommendations once agreed upon with them.

The effective execution means developing the right products ("the whole product"), crafting superior product and company positioning messages that will resonate in your market, optimizing go-to-market strategies and programs as well as keeping your personnel well trained, results-oriented, focused and motivated. 

To further help with the execution part of the equation we provide your company with customized and advanced training, best practices, templates and mentoring. 

In addition, we assure that the effective execution also means that the recommended solutions are implemented as structured, scalable, dynamic and well-documented business processes



 Improved Business Results: For many of our clients, the desired outcomes are improved business results. Usually, this means increased sales revenue and profits, faster organic growth, bigger market share or/and improved competitive position.

For other clients, the desired outcome could be to develop business, product or marketing plans, conduct competitive analysis, build a market model (trends, segmentation and sizing), review product plans, cross-validate new product concepts, evaluate various business models or perform some part of M&A investigation.


 Our Commitment: Whatever your required result or outcome is, we at AlignTro Group are committed to match and exceed your expectations. AlignTro can also engage our partners to provide any additional specialized consulting services, if required.