Interesting White Papers, Guides and Studies

Below we provide pointers to interesting white papers, guides and studies. The AlignTro Group's recommended resources are available as well for your convenience when you click on the link. 

 Guide (Book): "High Tech Start Up"


Description: The complete how-to handbook for creating successful new high tech companies" by John L. Nesheim, 1997
Net/Net: The author is president of Saratoga Venture Finance, an engineer, and a long-time Silicon Valley financial officer. This book is based on his extensive professional experience in working with technology startups. The key contribution of this book is a list of "do's" and don'ts i.e. what works and what does not work. The book is written in a how-to guide format.  


   The Revenue Marketer: White Paper


Description: White Paper. The paper describes successful approaches and processes crucial to every Demand Generation team. The author talks about specific role that the marketers must play in demand generation (closed-loop marketing).  
Provider: The Pedowitz Group; 
Author: Debbie Qaqish, Chief Revenue Officer  
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