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Selected Strategic Concepts from AlignTro Group

Selected Strategic Concepts are intended to better illustrate the type of concepts, ideas, models and tools we use at AlignTro Group while working with our clients. You may find out that some conceputal presentations, slides and documents could help you in better understanding and applying in practice some of the strategic concepts presented here. We have posted here what we think are some of our best ideas, concepts, models and tools.

The examples presentated hare are not copies of any final deliverables to our clients with disguised names, but rather advanced concepts, ideas, models and tools. Any final deliverables to our clients become their intellectual property and they are protected under Non-Dislosure Agreements (NDAs).

 Corporate Strategy:

 Conceptual Slide: "Turnaround: Strategic Re-Investment Model", Copyright © 2003-2011, AlignTro Group, All rights reserved.

This model explains how to use a "zero sum" approach when funding new strategic initiatives during a company's turnaround. After drastically reducing expenses in the first phase of turnaround in order to stop "bleeding", the "savings" from further cost reductions are used to fund strategic initiatives focused on increasing revenue. The essense of this model is to ensure that only best initiatives are funded since they are prioritized based on strategic importance and calculated ROI. Another impotant feature is to ensure the entire process in treated as critical business process with a tight "control loop."

 Product and Technology Strategy 

 Conceptual Presentation: "New Product Development Process: Overview, Fatal Mistakes and Best Practices", Copyright © 2003-2011, AlignTro Group, All rights reserved.

This presentation provides strategic concepts related to new product development: generation of new product ideas, screening the ideas, formal new product development process with phases and gates, and UpStream requirements for new product ideas. The presentation cover also major causes of new product failures, fatal mistakes and best practices to avoid those fatal mistakes. The part 3 of the presentation discusses the process of creating new product categories by contrasting this process with a traditional "better, faster, cheaper" new product development process.   

 Strategic Marketing  

 Conceptual Slide: "Cascading Model of Messaging and Positioning", Copyright © 2003-2011, AlignTro Group, All rights reserved.

This cascading model of messaging and positioning shows how corporate, product and competitive messaging and positioning are inter-related. The model also defines where and how positioning statements are used.    

 Conceptual Slide:
"New Product Introduction Timeline and Activities", Copyright © 2003-2011, AlignTro Group, All rights reserved.

This slide is an example of various marketing activities accompanying new (major) product introduction. The timeline of activities is shown as well.  

 Go-To-Market Strategies

 Conceptual Presentation: "Strategic Alliances Overview and Five Fatal Mistakes", Copyright © 2003-2011, AlignTro Group, All rights reserved.

This presentation discusses strategic alliances; their puropse, objectives, requirements, etc. It also dicusses 5 fatal mistakes that smaller technology companies make when dealing with much larger partners. The presentation includes some models and frameworks.  

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