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Market and Technology Expertise Areas

AlignTro Group strongly believes that providing effective business and marketing advice to technology companies requires a combination of marketing, business, product management and technology expertise. This belief is based on feedback from our clients and understanding that a company's technologies and business strategy are closely linked.

We have developed a general understanding of many technology markets and related technologies. However, we have also acquired a solid understanding of several selected markets and associated technologies either in our professional career or consulting assignments.


Smartphones, Mobile Applications and Enterprise Mobility: Mobile Applications, Mobile Devices (Smartphones, Tablets, GPS, Wireless Handhelds and Laptops), Mobile Security, Remote Device Management, Location-based Services,etc.


 Web Applications and Architectures: Browsers and Plug-ins; Java, JVM, Distributed Architectures, Search Engines, Social Media, Semantic Web 3.0, Mushups, etc.  

 Cloud Computing and SaaS:  Software as a Service, Public and Private Clouds, Server and Desktop Virtualizations, Hosted and Managed Services, Business Models based on Transactions, Subscriptions or Usage, Cloud Security, etc


 Security Software and Systems: Traditional Signature-based Security (AV, Spyware, Adware); Zero-day and Targeted Malware, Next-gen Non-signature Solutions, Universal Threat Management (UTMs), Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems, Biometrics, etc.


 Enterprise Content Management: Data and Image Capture, Electronic Forms, Document Management, Storage and Archiving, Collaboration and Workflows, Intelligent Documents, Multimedia Content, Document Format Conversion, Document and Content Distribution Engines, etc.    
 Networks and Network Management:
Network Architectures, OSI Layers and Protocols, Wireless and Wireline Networks, Performance and Control Issues,  WiFi, WiMAX, VoIP, DPI, etc.

 Embedded Devices and Systems: Smartphones, Thin Clients, Graphics Controllers, GPS Devices, Game Consoles, Embedded and Real Time Operating Systems, Price /Performance Trade-offs, Resource Optimization, etc.

 Computer Graphics, Imaging and Network Printing: Computer Graphics, Rendering and Visualizations, Image Capture, Format Transformations and Conversions, Graphics Performance, Distributed Printing Managment and Accounting, Print Languages, Legacy-to-Web Format Conversions, OCR.


 Industrial Automation and Process Control: Robotics, Mechatronics, Machine Vision, SCADA Systems, Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), Telemetry, Programmable Controllers, Process Instrumentaion, Sensors and Transducers, etc.

 Enterprise Middleware: Business Process Automation, Legacy Applications, Legacy Platforms Integration, EAI Middleware and Infrastructure Products, APIs, Data Conversion and Integration, etc. 




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