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Our Unique Value Proposition

AlignTro Group is a boutique business and marketing consulting firm focusing exclusively on product management, strategic marketing and go-to-market strategies for global technology companies
. Our mission is to help our clients improve business results by properly aligning strategies, programs and products with dynamic global markets and by focusing on effective execution, primarily in the product management, strategic marketing and go-to-market areas.

We offer our clients a rare blend of strategic marketing expertise, business acumen and technology insights combined with a practical product management and executive experience in global technology companies of various sizes. We help them to achieve thought leadership and a strong competitive position in their markets.

AlignTro's unique value proposition is delivered to our clients in a form of  the following services: 

 Provide an expert second opinion to the senior management by "disecting" companies, markets, competitors, customer needs, business models, core technologies and product portfolios. Our reports and presentations are compentent, insightful, external,  independent, and boardroom-ready.


 Apply our "success formula",  Proper Alignment + Effective Execution = Improved Business Results when working with our clients. 

 Utilize our UpStream Alignment <> DownStream Execution (TM) methodology as a framework for quick assessments of your company's strenghts and weaknesses in alignment and execution.  

 Provide you with a comprehensive, competent, insightful and unbiased evaluation of your strategies, programs and products as seen from different perspectives: CEO, Chief Strategy Officer, VP of Marketing and Sales, Head of Product Management, System Designer, Partners, Customers and Independent Consultant (360-degree evaluation).

 Follow up the 360-degree evaluation with well-articulated conclusions and recommendations.

 Work with you to properly align your business strategies, programs, products and go-to-market plans with your target markets and to implement the accepted recommendations. 

 Help your personnel to effectively execute updated strategies and programs and to ensure that they are implemented as scalable,
dynamic and well-documented business processes.

Understand all merits of your core technologies and system architecture on a System Designer's level in order to fully leverage your technology edge in target market(s) and achieve a leading market position.

 Help your company to demonstrate thought leadership  in your market by capturing and articulating clearly your superior understanding of markets, customer needs and core technologies.

 Provide your staff with advanced training, tools and best practices, so they will be well equipped to effectively execute and to further improve your newly refined strategies, programs and products in the long-run. Ensure that the required expertise stays with your company after we are gone.

 Deliver our consulting services, either in person or in a virtual fashion. In both cases we will act as a part of your extended team in product management, strategic marketing and/or sales channels development. 

 Bring in additional partners with unique expertise and/or specialized resources, if required.

 Our Commitment: Whatever you require as a result or outcome from any consulting assignment with us, we at AlignTro Group are committed to match and exceed your expectations.  















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